Lincoln gets £1 million tourism boost

Lincoln has received a £1 million fund to attract more American visitors to the city.

The project has been named ‘The Collection’ and the fundamental role of this will be to promote the history of Lincoln through modern technology, such as augmented reality.

Information will be provided via the Historic Cities app, telling people about the history of Lincoln, along with advice on rail links.

People are taken on a tour of the cathedral by Sir Joseph Banks, a successful Georgian naturalist, botanist and one of the most famous people to have come from Lincolnshire.

The £40 million Discover England Fund has invested in 13 historical cities across the country, including Chester, York and Oxford.

Lincoln has a rich history and was the site of many historical events, such as the Lincolnshire Rising, a revolt by Catholics against Henry VIII’s Church of England.

One of the biggest parts of Lincolnshire’s history was bomber command, though the centre is struggling to get advertised.

From 1942 to 1945 Lincolnshire was the main hub for planes going off to fight in World War Two. Across those three years, 900 US and 10,000 Canadians died. This is why the Bomber Command Centre, which is not yet open to the public, would be an ideal tourist location for Americans.

Nicky Barr, a member of the Visitor Economy Board at the Bomber Command Centre, thinks Lincolnshire should be a very popular destination for North Americans. She said: “Lincoln needs to be out there telling the story.”

“It is more popular with Canadians, as more people died, so the message is stronger.”

“I’ve taken in excess of 190 people from North America around [the Bomber Command Centre] because we are limited to how many number we can take.”

The Bomber Command Centre will be open to the public at the end of January 2018.


“Without funding from things like a new restaurant the Brayford will die”: Row continues over plans for another floating restaurant

Controversial plans for a second floating restaurant on the Brayford have been met with fierce criticism.

But David Rossington, Chief Executive of Investors in Lincoln and a trustee for the Brayford Trust believes that without the funding the restaurant will gain, the Brayford could die.

The £1 million restaurant, which will be a similar build to the existing Wagamama restaurant, is going to be built next to the viewing platform on the west side of the Brayford.

The viewing platform will also be refurbished under the project.

The project was initially rejected by the City of Lincoln Council’s planning committee after they stated the design wouldn’t be in keeping with the area and the views would be harmed. However, an appeal by the Brayford Trust changed the Planning Inspectorate’s decision meaning the build should go ahead.

Rob Baxter, Interim Chief Finance Officer at City of Lincoln Council, said: “The council has this week received a request from The Brayford Trust for our consent, in principle, to its proposed development at the Brayford Pool. This request will now be considered by the council as landlord under the terms of the lease.”

“People complain about the Brayford but don’t offer any alternative, it needs the funds and this is one of the best ways to get it.” – David Rossington

Residents have argued that a new restaurant would destroy the look of the Brayford but Mr Rossington doesn’t see an alternative.

“The aim of the restaurant is to raise funds to maintain the Brayford or it will die. No public funding goes into it and no business funding goes into it so without things like the restaurant it will die,” he said.

“People complain about the Brayford but don’t offer any alternative, it needs the funds and this is one of the best ways to get it.”

A meeting has been scheduled between the Lincoln Civic Trust and the local authority in an attempt to overturn the decision to allow the restaurant.

Catherine Waby, a spokesperson from Lincoln Civic Trust said: “We have a meeting planned for the 31st October with the local authority to appeal the decision which allowed the restaurant to be built.

“The reason we don’t want the restaurant to be built is because it ruins the heritage of the Brayford.”

Although this meeting is taking place Mr Rossington is optimistic that the building won’t be stopped. “We have planning permission so we do hope that the build will go ahead.

“People want the Brayford to have a future but don’t want the restaurant. But unless somebody could write a cheque for half a million pounds to the Brayford Trust then we wouldn’t build it.”