“There’s no quick fix” – Nearly two-thirds of children not getting mental health treatment

New figures reveal that 60 percent of children and young people referred for specialist mental health services are not receiving treatment.

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Hospitals show drastic changes since special measures report

6 months ago, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) were placed into special measures by the local Care Quality Commission (CQC). However, after substantial improvements to staff, services and equipment, the trust have gone some way to showing they are on the rise.

Chief Executive of the ULHT, Jan Sobieraj, said: “While it takes time to turnaround the quality and safety of services in a Trust our size, we have made big strides over the last year.” Continue reading

Public Health Centre Faces January Closure

Despite widespread public uproar, Lincolnshire health bosses have decided to close Lincoln’s walk in centre on Monks Road.

A group of Lincolnshire West Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) governing members chose to shut down the health centre in early 2018, after a public meeting on Wednesday, September 27.

This controversial decision stems from the CCG’s initial consultation. After more than 2,700 people engaged with the group over the closure, 94% unanimously voted against the decision.

The CCG claimed that this was not a decision that involved budget cuts, while also blaming students, particularly Chinese, tourists and Eastern European citizens earlier in the campaign. However, the health bosses backtracked after discovering these groups made up a small percentage of the 30,000 walk-in visitors each year.

Wednesday night’s meeting wasn’t just attended by members of the public, as campaigners let their feelings be known by leaving a plateful of cow dung with notes that read “STP’s” (sustainability and transformation plans), “GP extended hours” and “Minimal impact to A&E”.


Plans were set in motion at a public meeting in July. Lincoln residents were told to think about the future of the health centre in return for better digital and self-management services, plus a reform and extension to GP hours.

These new services were offered and met strong opposition. Two petitions, including one presented by the Students Union at The University of Lincoln collected more than 8,000 signatures against the loss of the health centre.

Council figures have also been in objection to the CCG’s plans as Lincolnshire County Council, City of Lincoln Council and Community Health Services Lincolnshire, the current facility providers of the walk in centre, have all pleaded to keep the walk-in centre open.

A spokesperson for the Lincolnshire Community Health Service NHS Trust, said: “We welcome and support Lincolnshire West Clinical Commissioning Group’s decision to keep Lincoln Walk In Centre open over the winter period.

“We will work with the CCG over the coming months to better understand their plans for the future, including their actions to strengthen primary care services.

“We look forward to playing a key part in their progress reviews in November and January. In the meantime, we will support our team of dedicated professionals to provide an excellent service at the Walk-in Centre.”