Light up a Life parades around Lincoln Cathedral a huge success

The St Barnabas Hospice procession Light up a Life was one of the busiest ever this week, as around 2,000 residents took part to remember their loved ones.

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Highly anticipated 2Q Festival set for Lincoln this weekend

The popular 2Q festival will make its first appearance in Lincoln this weekend.

After two years of success in Derby, the multi-venue music festival will take place across Lincoln in various locations including Home, Red Five, The Swan and The Engine Shed.

Tom Kitchen, one of the festival’s producers, highlighted the importance of bringing the community together by having the event in Lincoln.

“Our priority mission is the community. By bridging the gaps between competitive venues and by allowing for a strong contingency of local Lincoln artists to be part of the event,” he said.

It is only the third year of 2Q, so Mr Kitchen doesn’t aim to rival the bigger community festivals such as Live at Leeds or Tramlines. But he does believe the level of success this year will set it up for the future.

“We are just trying to establish a key event on Lincoln’s cultural calendar. It is currently hard to predict whether we will expand the festival as a lot of decisions will be made off the back of this year’s success or failure,” he said.


Katie Healy, a member of the group Healyum, expressed her excitement to be part of the 2Q festival.

“I am really looking forward to it as it’s one of our first city festivals, we are really excited just for that reason,” she said.

Healyum began as a family band with three of the siblings from Bedfordshire before gaining two more members completing what is now their five piece act.

Katie has praised the decision to move the festival from Derby to Lincoln.

“I think Lincoln needed it, it needed something to bring all the musical people in the surrounding areas into one big family.

“Nottingham has a lot of festivals and people from Lincoln go to them but now we have our own so everybody can stay here and have a good time which is great.”

The 2Q festival takes place on Saturday 28th October with the final set of tickets being available now for £25. Visit their website here for tickets.

Lincoln get comic crazy

The Engine Shed has hosted Lincoln’s very own Comic Con event for the second time.

On October 7, over a thousand people turned up dressed as their favourite characters to celebrate Linc-Con, a smaller version of the international Comic Con.

There were several attractions at the event, ranging from a lightsabre academy, where people could learn how to wield the ancient weapon of the Jedi, to a Mario Kart tournament.

On the stage, there were many competitions that were new for this year. The public to take part in games, such as a Riddler themed game of Deal or No Deal, where contestants would have a box containing a mystery prize and had to choose whether to accept the offer or to hold out for something better.


There was also a cosplay competition, where a select panel of judges chose the winners based on their attention to detail and commitment to their characters.

Free gaming returned to this year’s Linc-Con, with games from both the modern and retro era of video games. People were encouraged to take a nostalgia trip and try out some of the classic games from their childhood, or they could try out some modern equipment with virtual reality headsets available.

There was also table top gaming on offer for those who are less inclined towards the video games. The idea was to host a range of table top games so more people could get involved in the event.

People in attendance had the opportunity to visit several stalls, where they could buy comic books, have a photo taken in front of a green screen or get their face painted.

Mat Shaw, one of the organisers of the event said: “We try and add a new level of engagement. We move our budget away from guests and try and invest in things for people to do.

“The feedback was overwhelmingly good. A lot of people really enjoyed the gameshow aspect.”

The organisers work with a local family, who donated the Dalek that made an appearance at the show, and help them raise money for Macmillan.



Lincolnshire on the rise

People across the county have come out in droves to celebrate the county of Lincolnshire, with some choosing to dress up in yellow.

The official day was created in 2006 to commemorate the anniversary of the Lincolnshire Rising. Roman Catholics revolted against King Henry VIII for establishing the Church of England and the dissolution of monasteries by Thomas Cromwell.

The day is used to encourage people to celebrate the historical event, along with everything Lincolnshire.

Locals, affectionately known as yellow bellies, have been attending free guided tours across Lincoln Castle, a POP OUT festival at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, and a ghost bus tour.

Lincolnshire is most famous for its role in the Battle of Britain. Known as Bomber County, A large proportion of British and American planes took off from Lincolnshire’s numerous airfields during World War Two.

The county is also known for being the home of the famous Red Arrows display team, Batemans Brewery and Lincolnshire Sausage.

Lincoln cathedral was famously used to film part of the 2006 film the Da Vinci Code, while the castle in Lincoln is home to one of the last four Magna Carta’s in existence. Two other copies are held in the British Library and the third is in Salisbury Cathedral.

Charlotte Goy from Visit Lincoln said “It’s a bit like Halloween really, everyone just gets involved. It’s a great opportunity for businesses all over Lincoln to get involved and run promotional, Lincoln inspired events.

“It has been running for several years now and it has been gaining momentum every year. The general consensus is that it is getting more and more popular.

“We run campaign pages on our website with information about everything. We use it as an inspirational day to encourage people for things to do.”