A new purpose-built mosque is well under way for summer completion in Lincoln, as the £1.5m project reaches the second phase of the building stage.

The construction site on the old dairy factory plot on the corner of Dixon Street, is having the roof structure completed, before the second and final phase can be started in the middle of March.

Funding for this project was a combination of council and the Islamic Association of Lincoln. It has taken 4 years to fund the mosque, which was initially put forward to Lincoln City Council in 2010 after a number of failed attempts to build such a facility.

Previous attempts to create a Muslim worship temple were turned down due to parking problems at the site.


However, this facility will have 68 car parking spaces, as well as men and women prayer areas and a teaching place for boys and girls, a funeral preparation space and a library.


 At the minute, Muslims gather at a makeshift mosque on Orchard Street and the Grandstand Community Centre on Carholme Road.


The Islamic Association of Lincoln highlighted their need for a new Mosque last weekend, when they welcomed over 260 people into their group as part of the national Visit My Mosque scheme.


 Tanweer Ahmed, from the Islamic Association of Lincoln, said: “The Visit My Mosque scheme was a huge success and we hope that this new mosque will bring more members of the Muslim faith and other faiths to our mosque when it opens.”


“It will be a huge opportunity and I am just glad that our past attempts at trying to build such a facility are in the past now.”


“I also hope it will draw in young people to the Muslim faith and educate them in our ways, in a fun and informative way.”